To have a bohemian home means creating a personalized atmosphere with different patterns and various colors combined with natural materials and your own artsy handmade stuff.  Energetic colors, vintage decor, and layers of fringed throws add whimsy and comfort to this creative space. Potted plants invite nature indoors to lend a fresh, organic touch to the design. If you enjoy bohemian style and you need some new ideas for your new home, here are some fresh pics to give you an idea ;)

1. Leafy greens:

Leafy greens

2. Colorful mandala/geometric tapestry & pillows:

Boho tapestry

We have a great variety of boho tapestry in our Univibe online store. Go ahead and check them out here:



3. Book shelf & hanging chairs:

hanging chair

You can get your beautiful romantic boho hammock chair here:


4. Cute romantic LED lights:

led lights

5. Macrame wall hangings:

macrame home decor

6. Bathroom candle & incense burner decor:

bathroom candle


Check out our beautiful incense burners and zen gardens here:


7. Salt lamps:

Read the benefits of having a salt lamp in your home in our next blog. You can also purchase your salt lamp in our Univibe store:


8. Crystals & gemstones:

crystal gemstonne

Crystals and gemstones play a huge part in a spiritual way of life. They are widely known for its healing properties. I will write more about them in next blog posts. Check our crystals and gemstones in our Univibe online store here:


9. Psychedelic art and clothing:

psychedelic art

We absolutley love psychedelic art and clothing. If you are also into it so much as we, then go ahead and check our Univibe store here:


10. Lace embroidery:

lace bohemian bedding

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