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1. Love yourself 100%

Not worrying about what other people think is the greatest form of self love. When self love is absent, you will always be worryng what other people think. The more your self-love increases the more your self-expression increases and that is the secret.

2. You can't please everyone
We have to remind ourselves that we are not in this world to live up to others peoples expectations. We are in this world to be ourselves, tunning into our authenticity 100%. How you see yourself is essential, because peoples opinions of you are always changing. How you see yourself, stays with you forever.

3. It's not only about us

Life is everywhere. There are billions of people on this planet. Do you think the whole world has time to think about you? We have to not be so egocentric, to think that the whole world revolves around us. Rather, focus on what you love doing so you won't have time to focus what other people think of you.

4. Give yourself your unique value system

Whenever you allow someone else to give you value, you loose confidence. Give yourself your own definition. Do it for yourself first before you do it for anyone else. You have to listen that inner voice inside you. And when you start to listen to it, you stop caring what other people think. The greatest friend or enemy lies within you.

love yourself self-love

5. Let it go

It is what you can let go of, that determines how high you can fly! The secret is letting go of whatever is not serving you. We came here to be free, to stop caring what other people think. Nobody is doing anything to us. We have to accept that we can not control what other people think about us.

5. Control your corespondance

We can not control how people act, but we can control how we respond to their actions. Whatever you focus on, grows. So, focus on the people that are helping you raise your vibe.

We have so much potential on this planet but it all starts with letting go of society expectations. So do it and start to love yourself 100% !

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