The meaning of OM mantra symbol and how to chant it

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The symbol of OM is the most sacred and common written Yoga Symbol and is an essential part of the Yoga practice. It is believed to be the first uttered word of the universe and is said to encompass the vibrations of the universe.

The pronunciation itself is divided into three stages of Awake, Asleep and everything in between. O is the stage of awakening, U is the stage of dreams and M is the stage of deep sleep.Made up of the sounds of the letters A-U-M, Om is all about threes.

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Om is considered one of the most powerful mantras, and the ritual of chanting Om has been done for thousands of years. Mantras have direct effect on a physical body and it is claimed that they influence our emotions and mind by removing blocks and obstacles. It is also believed they accumulate abundance and create peace.

OM chanting in meditation

To stimulate the throat chakra lie on the yoga mat or just sit, close your eyes and breath deeply. Open your mouth wide and chant  +Aaaah. Feel it in the stomach. Then round your lips and make the sound -Ou, feeling how it moves towards throat and lungs. Close your lips and chant -Mmmmm. Feel how it moves towards your head and face. Make each sound as long as possible. Practice initially 2-3 minutes and progress to 20 minutes daily.

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